Specialists in office catering!

The Grill Pit Originated in Toronto by the end of 2008 and began full operations in April 20, 2009.  Our management expertise spans over 15 years of experience in Business Development, Corporate Purchasing, Food and Beverage Control and Restaurant Management with leading food and beverage service operations in Toronto. Our aim to create a new concept in flavour: a chicken flame-roasted to juicy perfection that is tasty and juicy is what has carried our brand since the beginning.

The Grill Pit’s success is closely linked to its collaborators.  Our entrepreneurial philosophy is that each and every one belongs to the “Great Grill Pit Family”, arousing pride and commitment among every one of our members to deliver an exceptional product and superior service. Excellent work environment, continuous training programs and development opportunities are how we operate.

To provide the best catering experience to our customers while delivering profitability for our partners (shareholders, suppliers and later franchisees), and continued development for our collaborators, while being sensitive to the community and the landscape.

To provide great catered food at great prices.

The Concept

The Grill Pit chicken and ribs catering is focused on providing delicious meals with courteous service. We want to create a dining event that is efficient, dramatic, sumptuous and above all memorable.   Our concept also emphasizes on promoting healthy lifestyles.